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Medical Extra-Vehicular Activities

The first Mars Space Clinic and Wellness facility, MARx, has been built within the Mars basecamp by United Inter-Galactic Federation for Multi-Planetary Habitation that provides medical aid and wellness on Mars in times of distress and natural disasters. The crew receive a medical distress signal from the Geological EVA, GEVA, scouting team informing Habcom at basecamp they require immediate medical support because one of the astronauts has sustained an injury...

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Geological Extra-vehicular Activities

You are a part of the Geological crews that have just arrived on Mars. Following challenges faces the astronauts from Sol 1 (Earth Day 1). The crews are in search of materials and elements critical for their survival on Mars using nano-satellites, UAVs and roboticsThe green habitat needs to be reconditioned before the food produced in this habitat goes bad and the crews starve to death...



Astronomy Extra-Vehicular Activities

Astronomy is an integral activity for crews and allows teams to conduct night EVAs and the challenges of reduce light whilst traversing the terrain. Additionally, AEVA offers a chance for astronauts to be inspired and to immerse themselves in the wonders of the Universe by observing the night sky, the Stars and Planets on the surface of analog “Mars."

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CPR Extra-Vehicular Activities

The risks of injuries and heart attacks during space missions and on Mars is potentially very high and crews must be taught basic and advanced life support protocols in case a medical emergency occurs during the mission. In this challenge you will work in small teams conducting a CEVA in the swimming pool area as the water will be substitute as an analog of microgravity...


Neutral Buoyancy Extra-Vehicular Activities | MicrogravityVR

Astronauts learn how to adapt in microgravity and learn to adjusting in this environment in order to work on repairs and installation on the space station. In the NEVA in VR activity, each crew member will have the opportunity to...

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