Mars Academy USA




Medical Extra-Vehicular Activities

The first Mars Space Clinic and Wellness facility, MARx, has been built within the Mars basecamp by United Inter-Galactic Federation for Multi-Planetary Habitation that provides medical aid and wellness on Mars in times of distress and natural disasters. The crew receive a medical distress signal from the Geological EVA, GEVA, scouting team informing Habcom at basecamp they require immediate medical support because one of the astronauts has sustained an injury. The Search & Rescue (SAR) team embark on a rescue mission to save the life of the injured crew member:

In this challenge you will:

  • Work with or join the SAR team and embark on a MEVA on surface of Mars with support from Remote Mission Support (RMS), testing current exponential technologies, satellite images, GPS, maps, drones and rovers to locate the injury site (IS).

  • Learn how to conduct the following protocols

i)  SAR EVA and terrain scouting to locate the IS

ii) Triage and Assessment of injured astronaut at IS

iii) Evacuation from IS back to Basecamp

  • Engage and communicate with Remote Mission Support team to support crew teams to ensure success of the medical rescue

Prepare to join the Martian crews and embark on their risky missions at Mariner Valley on Mars. Get ready to deployed MEVA protocol on Mars surface.