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Remote Teams





Remote MIssion Support Team, RMST, is comprised of a transdisciplinary, multinational group of individuals from academica, commercial, scientific and general public working together and united by a passion for expanding human presence in space and contributing to the future of Humanity to become a multi-planetary species. The RMST provide support and communication between the astronaut crews and the various remote teams working together to ensure mission success. 

MAU's low-fidelity simulation missions are set in a future scenario where the RMS team are stationed on Phobos ( a moon of Mars) or in a geostationary orbit on a space station, i.e., Interplanetary Mars Station, IMS, which will permit synchronous real-time communications. In MAU short duration low fidelity missions, we will be simulating MCC on Phobos, and, thus, the astronaut crews will be conducting real-time telecommunications with MSC without a delay time implemented in the missions. A time-delay will be implemented in MAU’s long duration low fidelity and mid-fidelity missions.


B. Remote Medical, Astro-Psychiatry and Psychological Team (RMPT) 

The Remote Medical and Astro-Psychiatry and Psychological Team, RMPT. consists of physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists who are responsible for monitoring and assessing the health and mental status of the astronaut crews during the missions. The Flight Surgeon (FS) is the main person who makes the final medical decision regarding the health and safety of the astronauts. S/he/they follow the ongoing mission closely, check and supervise the medical, physical and mental status of the astronauts and during their activities, offer medical and psychological support. The FS has the right to veto FD’s decisions based upon supporting medical and/or psychological evidence. The RMT offer support and supervision for the Mars Medical Research Team, MMRT.

C. Remote Scientific Team (RST)

The RST task is to supervise and keep track of all scientific non-medical experiments, projects and studies. The team will help to evaluate data, to provide inputs and advice for PST and offer support for internal and external collaborators, Principal Investigators (PIs) and associated partners. RST will be in constant communications with PIs prior, during and post mission. The implementation of scientific research studies will be done in collaboration with PST.

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D. Mars Medical Research Team (MMRT)

MMRT team focuses on medical, psychological and human factors research and projects. The implementation of such studies and projects must be pre-approved by RMT and FD. Approved studies are scheduled by PST.