Mars Academy USA

Internal Research Opportunities


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Crew teams will have the opportuntiy to participate and collaborate in MAU's Internal Research Projects during the analog training missions. Crew teams will engage in a variety of projects and have the chance to learn and apply various exponential technologies.

Examples of current projects conducted during the training mission are:*

1. ASTRO-WELLNESS PROGRAM  (includes a variety of activities, such as, Virtual Artist, ArtRX with Body Mapping,  Vocal and Sonic 435 MHz Meditation, MusicVR, yoga, Gi Gong)


3. SOLAR POWER 3D (BIO) PRINTING of medical and life support tools, BioArt Sculpturing-Architecture

4.  MEDICINAL - THERMOGENIC  PLANT GROWTH in Martian Simulation and Agri-food testing with CRISPR**

5. ROBOTICS, ROVERS, DRONES for Emergency Medical and Search & Rescue EVAs

6. VIrtual Reality, VR, Augmented Reality, AR, and Mars Medics Gamifications Simulation Training as "Digital Astronauts"

* Subject to change