Mars Academy USA




CPR Extra-Vehicular Activities

The risks of injuries and heart attacks during space missions and on Mars is potentially very high and crews must be taught basic and advanced life support protocols in case a medical emergency occurs during the mission.

In this challenge you will work in small teams conducting a CEVA in the swimming pool area as the water will be substitute as an analog of microgravity. Each crew person will learn and test two CPR techniques that have been tested for microgravity during parabolic flights and on the International Space Station, ISS.

The three techniques you will conduct underwater are:

  • Handstand Technique

  • Reversed Bear Hug Technique

  • Everett-Russomano Technique

Crew team will work together and assemble the equipment using a torso mannequin as the injured astronaut. A small square rig will be constructed to offer stability during the handstand compressions.  To maintain full simulation, all crew members will wear full coverage scuba masks and snorkel set plus scuba gear.