Mars Academy USA




Geological Extra-Vehicular Activities

You are a part of the Geological crews that have just arrived on Mars. Following challenges faces the astronauts from Sol 1 (Earth Day 1)

  • The crews are in search of materials and elements critical for their survival on Mars using nano-satellites, UAVs and robotics

  • The green habitat needs to be reconditioned before the food produced in this habitat goes bad and the crews starve to death

  • The crew embark on a terrain scouting “…follow the water…” mission to search for “Life” and to collect soil samples for biological testing, 3D printing of structures and for multiple experiments in the Greenhab hydroponics system.

Crew teams work alongside Remote Mission Support (RMS) team and perform Geological Extra-Vehicular Activities (GEVA) protocols.

In this challenge you will:

  1. Learn how to conduct a scientific methodology in “Soil Sampling and Collection" Protocol

  2. Work with your team to conduct a terrain scouting EVA within Exploratory Zones:  

    1. Vasquez Rocks (VS)

    2. Soledad Canyon (SC)

Prepare to help with GEVA activities on Mars and join your crewmates to embark on geological terrain scouting and soil sampling EVA missions