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MAU Crew 1120- Mars Medics V

A.   About MAU Crew 1121 - Mars Medics V

Mars Academy USA, MAU Crew 1120-Mars Medics V is composed of an international, transdisciplinary and motivated assembly of highly-trained medical, biomedical, biotechnology professionals ranging from academia, research-scientist communities, Astro-wellness practitioners and space/aerospace/aviation physicians who are passionate, motivated pioneers and visionary individuals working to pave the path for humanity to Marsand beyond.The crew of analog astronauts will enter the MAU analog habitat at Mars basecamp site located in Soledad Canyon, California, USA. The mission is part of MAU’s LOW-FIDELITY SHORT DURATION TRAINING PROGRAM and the crew will conduct a 4 day/3 night fully immersive “real-time” Mars simulation mission. Remote Mission Support (RMS) will be provided by MAU experienced team

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