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MAU Crew 1121 - Mars Medics VI

Mars Academy USA (MAU) GENERAL MISSIONS are fully immersive "in-person" real-time simulations and crew teams live, work and collaborate together during the mission. The crews are formed by selecting and creating scientific expedition analog astronaut teams at isolated and/or confined (I.C.E.) environments in areas that are designated as Mars analogs on Earth. These missions are categorized by their level of training, complexities, mission duration, and risk levels involved in the expeditions. Participants will engage in various training activities and collaborate in scientific projects and engage in experiential learning with experiential technologies, e,g, 3D Printing, telemedicine, VRAR, UAVs, Robotics. human psychological / human factors mitigation projects and space medicine, Search and Rescue protocols. MAU Crew 1121 is a LOW-FIDELITY 4 days/ 3 nights mission including a 2 days PRE-SIM and 2 days POST-SIM traning ( MANDATORY)for a TOTAL 8 DAYS. The total number of participants is 8 crewmembers/mission.

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