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Susan's Full Bio


Susan Ip-Jewell

President / Chief Executive Officer

Susan Ip-Jewell serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer for Mars Academy USA. She has been a leader, innovator, speaker and educator in the areas of space exploration, space medicine, STEAM, edutainment, and astropreneurship. Susan is a graduate of the International Space University (ISU), recipient of a Google scholarship to attend Singularity University, SU, Graduate Studies Program (GSP15), at NASA Ames. She has garnered extensive knowledge and skills in astronautics, exponential technologies, space medicine and human factors, and completed a summer program in aerospace medicine at University of Texas Medical Branch, UTMB, Galveston.

An experienced commander of many analog astronaut missions, Susan has formed and trained multiple crew teams for exploratory analog expeditions in isolated, confined environments. As an entrepreneur, she has formed many organizations, for example, Mars Academy USA (MAU), Mars Without Borders (MWOB), and Space Surgery Institute (SSI) focusing on developing, simulation-based learning training programs, technological and innovative concepts, VRAR sim training “edutainment” content to improve quality of lives for Space and Earth expand "Let's get S.T.E.A.M.E.D" education, and pioneer visionary ideas for human space exploration and future settlements on Mars.

Susan is the recipient of the Marie Marvinght Award in Technologies and Innovations for Space by Aerospace Medicine Association (AsMA), and National Space Society's "Living in Space" Award for pioneering future space innovations and enabling development of Martian settlements. She obtained a BSc degree from UK, clinical training and fellowship in Clinical Cancer Therapeutics and Molecular Medicine at National Cancer Institute, (NCI) at National Institute of Health (NIH), and UCLA Department of Clinical and Molecular Pharmacology. She is a member of Aerospace Medical Association, Aerospace Human Factors Association, Space Medicine Association.