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Nicholas's Full Bio

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Nicholas Jewell

Chief Innovation Officer

Nicholas Jewell serves as the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) for Mars Academy USA (MAU). He is a co-founder and elected on the Board of Directors. Nicholas leads the organization’s innovation areas focusing on research and development in exponential technologies, for example, 3D printing, UAVs. rovers and robotics. Nicholas has had extensive training as an Analogue Astronaut and successfully commanded and supervised several missions with Mars Academy USA training programs, e.g., MAU Crew1111, Crew1112, Crew1113, including participation as crew member with external analog stations, such as, Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) with Mars Without Borders (MWOB) Crew 158 and 159. The analog astronaut expeditions where conducted at the remote, and isolated areas of Soledad Canyon, Vasquez Rocks and Utah desert.  Nicholas also volunteered for NASA HISEAS missions (Hawaii, Space Exploration Analog Simulation) as part of the First Tier Support Team for the astronaut crews.

In 2016, he was nominated and acceptance as a member of the Aerospace Human Factors Association, AFHA, and a Lifetime Associate member of Association of Spaceflight Professionals Inc (formerly known as Astronauts-for-Hire) whose mission is to develop the next generation of commercial astronauts through the creation of networking, educational, research and mission opportunities for space professionals. Recently, Nicholas completed his apprenticeship focusing on Hydroelectric Engineering at Los Angeles Technical College under the mentorship of the Los Angeles City Electrical Engineering Union.

Nicholas studied for two years in the BSc degree program majoring in Computer Science and 3D video programming and production at the Arts College Hollywood and Santa Monica College. He has worked on many innovative projects, managing and supporting design teams to ideate and build early prototypes, for example, a portable 3D Printer and laser-cutter. Nicholas interests includes integrating Human Computer Interface (HCI) for studying human factors and psychological effects of teams living in isolation during long duration missions and integrating exponential technologies, 3D printing, VRAR and drone cameras as possible training platforms.