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Credit: MAU      MAU-NEPAL Crew 001 and Remote Teams.

Credit: MAU MAU-NEPAL Crew 001 and Remote Teams.

  • MAU-NEPAL MARS MEDICS CREW 001 ( March 2019)

    Mars Academy USA MAU-NEPAL Mars Medics Crew 001, a crew team of 6 members ( Crew Commander, Dr Karan Ghatora MD, Dr Susan Ip-Jewell MD, Dr Tom Shields MD, Dr Sarah Jane Pell PhD, Janet Biggs BFA, and Saran Subba,CEO, Hi-on-Life Adventures) comprising of a multi-disciplinary team spanning from space medicine, biotechnology, human factors, and exponential technology experts along with an onsite basecamp support team of local Nepalese climbers and sherpas ( known as the “Martian Boys”) and several remote teams ( ie, Remote Medical Team lead by veteran Flight Surgeon, Dr Ashok Narayanmoorthi MD with support from  Dr Jeremy Saget MD, and Dr Carlos Salicrup MD.; and Remote PSych Team led by Dr Maria Harney MD and Dr Jesus, GUerra MD). The Remote Support Team and Scientific Team was lead by the mission Flight DIrector, Jay Velasco BA with support from various MAU alumni (Aimee Valliere, Dr Ilaria Cinelli, Kenia Benifand MDesign, Reena Tolentino BA, Melissa Jordan MD (c) , Jasleen Josan MSc) The team successfully completed their mid-fidelity mission in March 2019. Their mission was conducted in the Lower Mustang region in Nepal (Altitude at 12,000 ft above sea level.

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