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Jay Velasco

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer

Jay Velasco serves as the Chief Marketing & Sales Officer for Mars Academy USA (MAU) and is an integral member of the business development and strategy team for the organization. He is a trained Analog Astronaut and part of MAU’s pioneering Mars Medics Training series with Crew 1114 and Crew 1115 as the Crew Resident Intern and Crew Executive Officer, respectively. Additionally, Jay is an integral team member supporting the development of MAU’s indoor “Let’s Get S.T.E.A.M.E.D” TM workshops and programs.

Over the past decade, he has accrued extensive knowledge and experience in developing successful marketing and social media campaigns and building effective sales and promotional teams for commercial, private, and corporate sectors He is a proficient and skilled consultant and as an entrepreneur, Jay founded several startups which specialized in taking various brands from concept to commercialization. Additionally, he founded an online academy for entrepreneurs, personal brands, and business professionals to teach them how to establish strong credibility and increase ROI for their businesses.  Jay is currently completing his final year at Mihaylo College of Business and Economics at Cal State Fullerton in a BA, Business Administration and Management degree program.