Mars Academy USA

In-Depth Mars Medic Missions



This is Mars Academy USA (MAU) visionary and pioneering series of Analog Astronaut Simulation Training missions to train the future Space (“Mars”) Medics crews focusing on “Space Medicine, Health and Wellness, Biotech and Biomedical Innovations and incorporating disruptive exponential technologies.” Mission crews are selected based upon their professional academic and life experiences in these sectors. The selected teams enter fully “in-person” immersive simulations living and working together in a trans-disciplinary, multicultural analog Mars environment in MAU’s mobile, modular Mars Basecamps.

The missions are specifically focused on innovations for explorations in space medicine, astro-wellness, space food production and nutrition. The crews will test, develop and innovate ways to support future human explorations and settlement on Mars and Moon. The crews will test design and integrate exponential technologies, such as, VRAR, 3D printing, genetic tools (i.e. CRISPER kits), telemedicine / tele-health technologies, robotics, autonomous and drones during the missions.