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Emmy's Full Bio

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Emmy Jewell

Director, Education Outreach & PR

Emmy Jewell serves as the Director of Education Outreach and Public Relations for Mars Academy, USA (MAU). She is a co-founder and elected onto the Board of Directors. Emmy is an experienced Analog Astronaut and has trained and participated as a crew member and commander of several missions at the Mars Society’s Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) with Crew 158 and Crew 159 in the remote Utah desert.  She leads the educational outreach teams and initiated the development of MAU’s unique “indoor one-day” astronautics “Let’s Get S.T.E.A.M.E.D” TM workshops and “Simulation Extra-Vehicular Activities” (SimEVAs) at Singularity University, SU, Executive Program held at NASA Ames in San Francisco. The workshops and training programs are currently held at the company’s facility located in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Emmy obtained her Firefighter’s First Tiered Training and Emergency First Responder Certification training from William Hart District, trained at the VCA McClave Animal Hospital, an AAHA-accredited, 24-hour emergency and general practice in Reseda, California. She is currently completing her associates degree in Aviation-Pilot (Fixed-Wing) at Glendale College, CA and will obtain her private pilot’s license from Long Beach Aviation Flying Center. She plans to pursue a degree in Business Finance at Penn State University and continue her professional aviation career in the commercial aerospace industry.